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December 2014

Thu 4  Recent Developments in Estate and Tax Administration

November 2014

Thu 6  Ticking Time Bombs in the GST Tax

October 2014

Thu 2  Is Your Institution’s Bureaucracy Costing You Clients?

September 2014

Thu 4  Charitable Planning Tax Strategies

July 2014

Thu 24  Is it Time to Re-evaluate Social Media Operational Efficiencies? How to Use Different Channels for Content Delivery

June 2014

Thu 5  Who is a Descendant? – (Has Science Outstripped Trust Law?)
Wed 4  Vendor/Third Party Risk Management

May 2014

Wed 28  Challenging Repurchase Claims
Wed 21  Wealth Management Risk
Tue 20  Final Regulations Issued: Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) What Does this Mean for Your Institution?
Thu 15  Risky Business: Sometimes You Just Have to Say "Is Your AML Program Keeping Up?"
Tue 13  Managing Sensitivity to Market Risk
Tue 6  Mobile Banking and Payment Security
Thu 1  Fiduciary Litigation Roundtable

April 2014

Tue 29  Liquidity Management Risk
Thu 24  Value and ROI in Social Media – Attracting New Fans and Retaining Existing Fans
Tue 22  Mortgage Q&A with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Thu 3  Planning for Same Sex Couples in an Uncertain Environment

March 2014

Wed 26  Cloud Computing
Wed 26  IRAs Are Not What They Used to Be - And That's an Opportunity for Community and Mid-Sized Banks
Thu 20  Endpoint Security & Anomaly Detection: Protecting Your Customer
Tue 11  Complying with the New OFCCP Regulations
Thu 6  Fiduciary Income Tax Planning with Higher Rates
Wed 5  Implementing an Effective Operational Risk Management Framework

February 2014

Thu 27  TILA/RESPA: Will Your Bank Be Ready for the New and Merged Mortgage Disclosure World?
Wed 26  Management of Model Risk
Tue 25  Serving Those Who Serve: What Bankers Can and Should Do for Men and Women in Uniform and their Families
Thu 20  Top 10 Risks in Employee Benefit Trusts
Wed 19  DTCC Developments and Updates for 2014 - What Every Corporate Trustee Should Know
Tue 18  What Is Your Strategy? How to Manage Risks to Your Current and Future Business Model
Wed 12  The Demise of Branch Banking - Fact or Fiction?
Thu 6  Is Portability the Only Answer for Estates Under $10 Million?

January 2014

Thu 30  A Practitioner's Guide to UDAAP Compliance: Disrupting the Lifestyles of the Unfair and Deceptive
Wed 29  Volcker Rule: What Does It Mean for Community and Midsize Banks?
Thu 23  Let's Talk Social Media Compliance and Risk: A Review of Policy Do's, Don'ts and the FFIEC Guidance on Social Media
Wed 22  Fiduciary Based Financial Planning: A Business Model for Opportunity
Wed 22  Third Party and Outsourcing Risk Management: Exploring the OCC and Federal Reserve Guidance
Thu 16  Distributed Denial of Service Attacks: Managing and Mitigating the Threat

December 2013

Wed 18  The Basics of Quality Assurance in Residential Appraisal
Tue 17  My Community - My Customer, Municipal Advisor Registration: The Impact on Banks and Their Municipal Customers
Tue 17  Implementing Comprehensive Risk Management: Taking Your ERM Program to the Next Level
Thu 12  Recent Developments in Estate and Trust Administration
Wed 11  Managing 2014 Compliance Priorities
Thu 5  Current Developments in Bankruptcy and Litigation Trends Impacting Corporate Trustees

November 2013

Thu 21  Are You Ready? - Highlighting Critical Regulatory Requirements for Wealth and Asset Management
Wed 20  Commercial Lending in Today’s Compliance Environment
Tue 19  Leading the Social Media Charge – Getting Leadership Buy-in and Building Excitement for Others in Your Bank
Tue 12  The Challenges Created by the Ability-To-Repay and Qualified Mortgage Rules: How to Evaluate the Risks and Implement Mortgage Programs
Thu 7  Ethical Issues for Trustees and Their Legal Counsel
Wed 6  Managing New Requirements for Escrow Accounts and Servicing

October 2013

Wed 30  Drowning in Alphabet Loan Soup: HPML, HOEPA, ATR, QM (part 2)
Wed 23  Drowning in Alphabet Loan Soup: HPML, HOEPA, ATR, QM (part 1)
Thu 17  The Demise of DOMA: We’ve Only Just Begun
Wed 9  Complying with the New Affirmative Action Regulations
Thu 3  Defining the Benefits of Discount/Valuation Planning
Wed 2  Federal Appraisal Policies: Hotlines, Complaint Forms and Revised Policy Statements

September 2013

Thu 12  ABCs of Estate Planning

June 2013

Thu 6  State Trust Law and Its Influence on Estate Planning

May 2013

Wed 8  Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too: Implement Portfolio Best Practices AND Improve Operational Efficiency
Thu 2  Developments and Trends in Fiduciary Litigation

April 2013

Thu 4  Do Trusts Really Create Trust Fund Babies? The Challenges in Wealthy Beneficiaries Leading Fulfilling Lives

March 2013

Thu 14  The New Realities of Fiduciary Investing

February 2013

Thu 7  Estate Planning after the 2012 Tax Act: The Sun Did Not Set After All
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