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December 2015

Thu 3  Recent Developments in Estate and Trust Administration

November 2015

Thu 5  The Alphabet Soup of Planning and Trust Acronyms and Service Marks

October 2015

Tue 20  Behavioral Finance: Are Fear and Greed Driving Investors’ Decisions?
Thu 1  Choose Your Weapon: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Corporations (C and S), LPs and LLCs

September 2015

Thu 3  A Primer on Decanting

July 2015

Thu 9  Are Rising Interest Rates Good or Bad for the Economy, Savers, and Investors?

June 2015

Thu 4  Critical Concepts in Understanding Community Property vs. Common Law

May 2015

Thu 7  Fiduciary Litigation Roundtable

April 2015

Tue 21  Economics, Government Policies, and Investment Strategy
Thu 2  Show Me the Money: The Focus of States on Tax Revenues and its Impact on Estate Planning

March 2015

Thu 5  Ethical Challenges for Trust Professionals

February 2015

Thu 5  Hot Button Tax Issues for the IRS

January 2015

Thu 29  Dude - Where's My Bank? Issues in Banking the Marijuana Industry
Tue 13  Cyber Risk Oversight
Thu 8  Is Your Portfolio Truly Global?

December 2014

Thu 18  Loan Originator Compensation
Tue 16  Managing 2015 Compliance Priorities
Fri 12  Assessing the Islamic State and Like-Minded Terrorist Groups for AML Professionals
Tue 9  TILA/RESPA Disclosure Integration Rule - Will Your Institution be Compliant by August 2015?
Thu 4  Recent Developments in Estate and Trust Administration
Wed 3  Municipal Bankruptcy Chapter 9 Developments and Industry Update for Corporate Trustees

November 2014

Thu 20  Fiduciary Responsibilities for Boards of Directors and Executives in Wealth and Asset Management
Wed 19  2013 HMDA Data Update: Fair Lending and CRA Implications in the Future
Thu 13  Mortgage Loan Servicing - Part 2
Thu 6  Ticking Time Bombs in the GST Tax

October 2014

Tue 28  The Payments Business: The Future is Now
Wed 15  Mortgage Loan Servicing - Part 1
Thu 2  Is Your Institution’s Bureaucracy Costing You Clients?

September 2014

Tue 23  HPML, HCML (HOEPA), HPCT and Beyond
Tue 23  Implications of Saving, Investing and Future Policy Changes on Today's Affluent Investor
Thu 11  What Are Investors Really Looking For?
Wed 10  Current Risk Management Issues and Regulatory Focus for Corporate Trustees
Thu 4  Charitable Planning Tax Strategies

August 2014

Thu 21  Top 10 Risks in Wealth Portfolio Management
Tue 19  Fair Lending War Stories
Thu 7  Making Sense of Mobile Wallets and Mobile Payments
Tue 5  IRS Trustee Fee Unbundling Rule: Will You be in Compliance?

July 2014

Tue 29  Ability-to-Repay (ATR) and Qualified Mortgages (QM)
Thu 24  Is it Time to Re-evaluate Social Media Operational Efficiencies? How to Use Different Channels for Content Delivery
Wed 16  Managing Sensitivity to Market Risk

June 2014

Wed 25  FATCA 101: Basics for U.S. Financial Institutions (USFIs) and Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIs)
Thu 5  Who is a Descendant? – (Has Science Outstripped Trust Law?)

May 2014

Thu 1  Fiduciary Litigation Roundtable

April 2014

Thu 3  Planning for Same Sex Couples in an Uncertain Environment

March 2014

Thu 6  Fiduciary Income Tax Planning with Higher Rates

February 2014

Thu 6  Is Portability the Only Answer for Estates Under $10 Million?
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