A Modern View of Supply Management…and a Look Ahead into the Future
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In the past, procurement professionals were tasked with being a minor support valve for the greater corporate machine by playing a small role in how internal units managed spending and suppliers. In recent years, this function has risen to shine in the strategic limelight of today’s uncertain economic world and consistently that the procurement group deserves a seat at the executive table.

Join us for an exclusive webcast that will define current supply and spend management trends and how they fit into the scope of the contemporary procurement group. Christopher J. Dwyer, Research Director at Ardent Partners, will highlight multiple angles of modern supply management, as well as the growing strategic importance of complex spend management. Dwyer will also look to the future of this function and pinpoint what’s ahead for procurement professionals around the globe.


Christopher J. Dwyer

Research Director & Vice President of Operations

Christopher J. Dwyer is considered a premier thought leader in the world of supply management and a renowned expert in contingent workforce management, travel and expense management, and meetings/events management. He is the preeminent source of thought leadership in these areas and evangelizes the evolution of complex spend management. Over the last eight years, Christopher has written hundreds of research reports and interviewed, advised, and benchmarked thousands of end-user professionals and executives in regards to their complex spend management operations.

Christopher joins Ardent from the Aberdeen Group, where he spent the last seven years tracking the progression of complex category spend management strategies and solutions while helping to educate the global market. During the last four years, Christopher led Aberdeen’s Global Supply Management practice and oversaw and contributed to the company’s coverage of procurement, strategic sourcing, spend analysis, ePayables (accounts payable automation) and supplier management.

Christopher will lead Ardent’s coverage of the evolution of complex spend management including contingent workforce management, T&E expense management, and all other complex categories of spend and provide research and advice so that end-user organizations can enhance their capabilities and competencies and make the smart decisions that will ultimately improve their performance.

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