Top 10 Things That World-Class Procurement Organizations Do


The most precious commodity for Procurement executives is… their time. So, spend your precious time with ISM and The Hackett Group during a one-hour webcast to work through a punch list of 10 things that every world-class Procurement organization should be doing right now in these turbulent times to drive value -- beyond cost savings. Some of these require some soul searching and answering some hard questions,but if you don't address them proactively, you will slow your evolution from negotiator and cost controller to change agent and supply market power harnesser. During the webcast, Hackett will share some of the results of its latest research on key issues, trends, performance benchmarks, and leading procurement practices. 
What you will learn:
  • Key Issues and trends surrounding procurement for the year 2012
  • 10 Key attributes that constitute the DNA of a world-class procurement organization
  • Key procurement performance benchmarks & best practices to help speed up our transformation into a world-class procurement function
Pierre Mitchell
Senior Director,
Procurement and Advisory Services,
The Hackett Group
Pierre Mitchell is responsible for leading the development of research and other intellectual property within Hackett's Procurement Executive Advisory Program, where he also serves as an adjunct business advisor. He is a globally recognized industry expert in Procurement best practices and technology with over 20 years of industry, research and advisory experience in the areas of procurement, supply chain, and information technology.
Previously, he was vice president of supply management research at AMR Research and a manager at Arthur D. Little, where he led numerous supply chain and Procurement transformations at Fortune 500 companies. Other industry positions include manufacturing project manager at The Timberland Company, materials manager at the Krupp Companies, and an engineer at EG&G.
John Yuva
Manager, Editor
Inside Supply Management®
John serves as the editor of Inside Supply Management®, the flagship publication of the Institute for Supply Management® and the authoritative resource for supply management executives in companies of all sectors, shapes and sizes.

John has worked in the publishing industry for more than 15 years -- both in newspapers and trade publications. He began his career at ISM in 1999 as a senior writer, and was recently promoted to the role of editor. John holds his degree in English from the University of Northern Iowa.