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Morey Stettner


For many managers, performance reviews are an annual ordeal. Why? For a host of reasons: It's difficult to recall an entire year's worth of performance, the process is time-consuming and some degree of confrontation is often necessary.
But performance reviews don't need to be a source of dread. To conduct effective performance reviews, managers need to lay the groundwork for a smooth, productive and harmonious meeting. The best appraisals arise naturally from an ongoing process of employee coaching. If you shower your staffer with feedback throughout the year, then the performance review builds on what you've already discussed.
In this 90-minute interactive audio conference, managers will learn how to organize and stage performance reviews so that the sessions are amicable and even motivating to the employee. We will identify smart strategies to help managers including how to:
  • Establish fair, reasonable and mutually acceptable criteria for evaluating employee performance.
  • Raise transparency--and remove mystery--from performance assessment so that employees are accountable for producing results.
  • Dish out constructive criticism in a firm yet diplomatic manner so that it sinks in.
  • Host a true dialogue so that the performance review functions as a positive, collaborative tool to craft a game plan for success.
  • And much more.
About the Presenter
A professional speaker and trainer, Morey Stettner is a management and communication expert. He is the author of five business books, including The Art of Winning Conversation (Prentice Hall) and Skills for New Managers (McGraw-Hill).  He has written more than 750 articles for Investor's Business Daily, and he has led training seminars on motivating and retaining employees, customer service, and communication and listening skills.

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