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Amy Henderson, CEO of Henderson Training, Inc., in Santa Clarita, CA


Let's face it, low employee morale hurts your bottom line business results. It's one of the main keys to profitability, and it's vital in the day-to-day operation of your organization.  Not only that, but KEEPING your employees in that positive frame of mind is far more than a "feel-good" issue - it's a necessity that takes ongoing focus .
There is no magic wand for achieving and maintaining high morale, and no single person or event can make it happen. Companies with highly motivated employees do a lot of things right, and avoid some common - and not-so-obvious - mistakes.  The good news is that there's nothing mysterious or particularly complicated about the process if you follow a few key principles and best practices.
So exactly how do organizations banish negativity and boost morale?  How do they motivate people to achieve increases in productivity, quality, superior customer service and employee loyalty?
Find out on September 18 by attending Kiplinger's newest 90-minute interactive audio conference.  You'll discover proven-effective strategies and practical tactics to boost morale and banish negativity in your workplace, including:
  • What to avoid that makes morale plunge - but most managers don't recognize it
  • The #1 most important perception you want your employees to have & how to influence it
  • What people today are seeking in their jobs - and it's probably not what you think
  • Tools and ideas that great managers and leaders use day in and day out
  • And much more.
About the Presenter
Amy Henderson is CEO of Henderson Training, Inc., in Santa Clarita, CA. Since 1991 she has logged thousands of hours training employers and employees nationwide in a wide variety of industries including banking, insurance, construction, hospitality, retail, high tech and the military. Amy is a seasoned trainer and facilitator as well as an experienced manager and entrepreneur. Her extensive background ensures the advice and guidance she reveals to you is based on practical and successful real-world experience.

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