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Amy Henderson is CEO of Henderson Training, Inc., in Santa Clarita, CA.


Plain old common sense says the best way to escape from a problem is to solve it.  Where underperformance is concerned, however, workplace managers often tend to avoid the issue rather than face it head on.  The need to personally critique an individual worker who isn't performing up to capacity is a task for which many supervisors lack training or simply find distasteful.
The result can be a major decline in key areas such as customer service, employee motivation, productivity, quality control, staff turnover, teamwork, management credibility and more.  If you're aware of underperformance issues in your workplace but you've been hesitant to address them directly, Kiplinger's latest interactive audio conference is for you.
Listen in from the convenience of your office on January 14 as management expert Amy Henderson reveals a practical step-by-step approach to dealing directly -- and effectively -- with underperformers in your workplace.  You'll discover proven-effective real-life examples to help you confront the problem head on and get the results you seek, including:
  • How to initiate and conduct a productive dialog to minimize employee defensiveness and encourage buy-in and improvement,
  • How to steer clear of a common pitfall that could negate your objectivity at the outset,
  • A roadmap to help you understand why an employee is underperforming so the suggestions and solutions you offer are appropriate and on target,
  • A surprisingly simple yet powerful consensus-building technique you and every manager in your organization should have at your command,
  • And much more.

About the Speaker
Amy Henderson is CEO of Henderson Training, Inc., in Santa Clarita, CA. Since 1991 she has logged thousands of hours training employers and employees nationwide in a wide variety of industries including banking, insurance, construction, hospitality, retail, high tech and the military. Amy is a seasoned trainer and facilitator as well as an experienced manager and entrepreneur. Her extensive background ensures the advice and guidance she reveals to you is based on practical and successful real-world experience.

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