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Lee Innocenti, founder and Principal of Performance Strategies, Ltd.


The uncertainties of the current economic situation are taking a toll on everyone.  Employees and managers both are feeling battered and unsettled.
On one hand, employees are being asked to do more with less.  Many face threats of work hour reductions, pay cuts or layoffs.  At the same time, employers are struggling to maintain morale and keep employees motivated during the least motivating times in recent history.
Despite these unprecedented workplace distractions, you expect your employees will remain productive and your managers focused on growing your business.  But exactly how do you keep doing business as usual in such an unusual business climate?
The key is to recognize the early warning signs of declining motivation and plummeting morale, then respond quickly with practical solutions to help your employees and your business bounce back.
The first step is to attend Kiplinger's latest 90-interactive audio conference on May 26.  Employee motivation and productivity expert Dr. Lee Innocenti will explain practical methods to help boost employee morale, reassure unsettled workers and motivate them to remain productive even in the present economic downturn.  You'll discover how to:
  • Determine what matters most to employees -- specifically in today's challenging business climate,
  • Inspire strong individual performance even as you ask employees to do more with less,
  • Improve employees' attitudes and outlook even in dire economic straits,
  • Implement a suite of proven-effective low- and no-cost benefits and incentives to increase employee motivation,
  • Harness your own attitude and mood to project critical positive signals that inspire confidence and foster buy-in among employees,
  • And much more.
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Lee Innocenti is founder and Principal of Performance Strategies, Ltd., a 19-year-old firm specializing in organizational development, training and coaching. Lee has designed more than 200 training programs for a wide range of industries, audiences and purposes, authored more than 100 training workbooks, and conducted more than 200 team-effectiveness programs at all levels and departments of her clients' organizations.

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