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Jack Garson, founder of Garson Claxton LLC


You dreamed of one day selling your business to retire comfortably.  But that was before the economy and stock market both went south and government bailouts became the norm. Yet according to attorney Jack Garson, noted authority on building and selling businesses, the long economic downturn is poised to give way to a major business acquisition spree. He believes this is the best time in decades for those who started, built, and now want to sell their own companies.
But a successful business transition entails making a series of judgments and evaluations rather than a single decision.  And careful planning has never been more vital than it is in today's challenging economy.
Take the first step by attending Kiplinger's latest 90-minute interactive audio conference on September 16, 2010.  Mr. Garson will provide a thoughtful explanation - as well as plenty of practical advice - on the numerous decisions you'll need to make in the process of selling your business. Best of all, you'll discover proven-effective strategies and techniques to help you successfully navigate every step of the sale, as Mr. Garson explains:
  • Why now is one of the best times in a generation to start a business
  • Why planning to sell your business is always a good idea
  • The four critical ingredients to starting, growing and selling
  • Why having the right company culture is not a luxury
  • How to avoid building a competition factory
  • How a company's founders are often its biggest roadblock to growth
  • Common mistakes that sink businesses
  • Knowing when it's time to sell your business
  • The keys to finding the right buyer for your business
  • The critical members of the deal team that will help sell your business
  • The two  terrible mistakes people make when selling their business
  • And much more. 
BONUS: All registrants will receive a copy of Mr. Garson's Book, How to Build a Business and Sell It for Millions, a $25.99 Value, ABSOLUTELY FREE!
About the Speaker
Jack Garson is the founder of Garson Claxton LLC and leads the firm's business and real estate practice groups.  He has guided companies from start-up all the way to the celebration dinner following the big sale. Mr. Garson's extensive understanding of the business world is why he's sought after to be lead negotiator in multi-million dollar sales of companies. He also serves as legal and strategic advisor for numerous national, regional and local companies, helping them overcome challenges, grow, succeed and sell. Mr. Garson is the author of How to Build a Business and Sell It for Millions, from St. Martin's Press. 

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