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Train your entire staff to provide top-notch customer service, at one low price that's far less than the cost to send a single employee to an expensive training seminar.
You get complete recordings of three of Kiplinger's bestselling 90-minute audio conferences on one CD, plus the accompanying PowerPoint presentation for each program. Complete 3-part series on one disc*
  1. Things You Should Never Say to a Customer
    Here are some common phrases you should never say, plus a collection of strategies to help you avoid confrontation.  You'll discover:
    • A common customer service technique that irritates customers more than it helps,
    • How to quickly gain credibility and avoid misunderstanding,
    • Seemingly harmless but counterproductive statements you should never make,
    • Why direct but courteous honesty is better than a carefully scripted reply,
    • And much more.
  2. Motivate Employees to Deliver the Ultimate Customer Service Experience
    These proven-effective strategies will help you make excellent customer service the top priority for every member of your staff, including how to:
    • Identify and hire people who already have the right mindset,
    • Appropriately motivate employees of different age groups, to maximize buy in and cooperation,
    • Go beyond a checklist of policies and procedures to develop a dynamic, comprehensive customer loyalty program,
    • And much more.
  3. How to Keep Clients Coming Back with Great Customer Service
    Here are practical customer retention techniques to help you cement your relationships with clients and reduce customer turnover.  You'll discover:
    • The first thing you should do when a customer calls you by phone,
    • What you must do in every interaction with an irate customer,
    • Simple questions to ask that quickly reveal how to solve a customer's problem,
    • Five common customer service behaviors to eliminate entirely,
    • And much more.
*CD-ROM disc for PC only. Not compatible with Mac or audio CD equipment.