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Carol Hacker


Chances are that on any given day 40% of your employees are working from home or outside the office.  While that's not necessarily a bad thing, it does present you with two significant challenges.
The first is to ensure your telecommuters work at maximum efficiency and remain fully engaged and aligned with your company's mission.  Second, you need to make certain your in-office productivity and morale don't suffer due to the absence of multiple staff members.
But where can you find a comprehensive checklist of practical, proven-effective, real-world strategies to effectively manage your telecommuters and keep your business running at peak productivity?
Whether you're just now establishing ground rules for your first group of offsite employees, or you've been managing telecommuters for years, your next step is to take part in Kiplinger's latest 90-minute interactive audio conference on September 28.  This fast-paced presentation will give you no-nonsense answers to all of the most common - and a few not-so-common - questions managers ask about how to maintain effective control of their teleworkers, including how to:
  • Define and document the expectations, performance requirements, accountability measures, and the do's and don'ts of working outside your office,
  • Determine which staff members and job functions are best suited to work remotely - for both the individual telecommuter as well as the employees who will remain in office,
  • Communicate and implement your telework policies and procedures without alienating remote workers or your in-house staff,
  • Avoid the five major potential liabilities associated with telecommuting,
  • Ensure remote workers remain available and responsive to in-office workers' needs,
  • Establish and enforce adequate security measures to prevent loss of sensitive or valuable data, intellectual property or office equipment,
  • Plan ahead to prevent - or provide quick support and solutions for - potential obstacles you or your staff may face,
  • Help your telecommuters avoid job burnout,
  • And much more.
You get expert advice: Carol Hacker has been a passionate instructor, engaging speaker and independent business consultant for over 25 years.  As president of Hacker & Associates, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, she works with organizations throughout North America to build a chain of evidence that demonstrates the value of effective management practices.  Her goal is to help business owners and managers meet the leadership challenge.  Over 500,000 participants have benefited from her customized seminars on the topics of recruiting, retention, evaluating employee performance, change management, handling troublesome workplace issues and more.  Her clients range from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies and also include not-for-profit and government agencies.  Carol is the author of 13 books, scores of audio CDs and over 400 published articles. 

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