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Paul Cherry, President and CEO of Performance Based Results
Patrick Connor, Senior Vice President of Performance Based Results


More than two thirds of customers who take their business elsewhere say it's due to an attitude of indifference expressed by a company or a specific employee.
On the other hand, seven out of 10 dissatisfied customers will continue to do business with you if you make the effort to resolve their conflicts.
Your customers are your company's most valuable asset.  Here's how to keep them coming back to you, rather than lose them to your competitors.
It's easier -- and far more profitable -- to hang on to customers you already have than it is to find new ones.  The key is to think of customer service as far more than merely a "warm and fuzzy" task. Great customer service is a powerful sales tool that can dramatically improve your bottom line.

Transform the way you--and your customer service staff--think about customer service by attending this new Kiplinger audio conference on December 18, 2007.  You'll discover proven-effective customer service techniques, strategies and tactics that not only will translate into lower customer turnover and higher revenue for your business, but also will help reduce stress and burnout among your customer contact team, including:
  • The best way to project a winning impression at the moment of initial customer contact.
  • Seemingly innocent statements that can actually scare customers away.
  • Three techniques to soothe your most angry or demanding customers.
  • How to say "no" in a way that customers understand and accept.
  • Seven things you should never say.
  • The one most powerful expression to gain instantaneous rapport.
  • How to up-sell new opportunities when servicing your customers.
  • What to do if someone wants his or her problem to become your problem.
  • Why up to 90% of your assumptions may be off track with a customer's actual expectations.
  • Getting your organization to embrace customer service as a strategic component to its growth and long term success.
  • Two tips to bring closure to a lengthy customer service call.
  • Ways to stay upbeat -- rather than beat up -- during an angry exchange with a customer.
  • And much more.

About the Presenters
Paul Cherry is President and CEO of Performance Based Results. He has 20 years experience in sales, leadership, customer service, and performance improvement strategies, and he has worked with more than 1,200 organizations in every industry -- from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations.  Paul has written more than 150 articles for leading publications such as Investor's Business Daily, and SellingPower, and he is the author of Questions That Sell: The Powerful Process for Discovering What Your Customer Really Wants (AMACOM Books, 2006).  In addition, Paul is a guest instructor at the Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University and the University of Phoenix.
Patrick Connor is Senior Vice President at Performance Based Results.  He has more than 25 years of experience consulting hundreds of organizations on their customer service operations (inbound and outbound call centers) in the following industries: telecommunications, non-profit, financial, publishing, manufacturing and healthcare.  Patrick has personally been involved with training over 80,000 individuals over the span of his career and has worked in eleven countries outside of the U.S.

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