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Paul Cherry, President and CEO of Performance Based Results


The economy is slow and buyer's fears are running high, but you still have to sell your organization's products or services. Yet time and time again you encounter a customer who hits you with this stall: "We're not buying right now." What can you do?

On June 24, join Kiplinger and sales expert Paul Cherry for a 90-minute interactive audio conference that will tell you exactly how to nudge the reluctant customer toward a sale.
You discover how to:
  • Use intrigue to connect with a customer. Learn how to dangle an idea that the customer can't resist.
  • Be prepared to offer an incentive that will prompt a buyer into action.
  • Appeal to a higher authority, if necessary
  • Defy the common wisdom that you should "never assume" something about a customer. Learn how a well-placed assumption can galvanize a sale.
  • Pin down follow-up calls. With a reluctant buyer, it's vital you move the person to the next step. 
  •  ... and much more.
About the Presenter
Paul Cherry is President and CEO of Performance Based Results. He has 20 years experience in sales, leadership, customer service, and performance improvement strategies, and he has worked with more than 1,200 organizations in every industry -- from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations.  Paul has written more than 150 articles for leading publications such as Investor's Business Daily, and SellingPower, and he is the author of Questions That Sell: The Powerful Process for Discovering What Your Customer Really Wants (AMACOM Books, 2006).  In addition, Paul is a guest instructor at the Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University and the University of Phoenix.

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