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Jim Camp


America's #1 Negotiation Expert Coaching You In Real Negotiations
This program is designed to take on and solve the toughest challenges you face everyday in your toughest negotiations.  You will get concrete coaching during this entirely interactive coach to player program. Be prepared to take lots of notes, you will not only get the coaching that will help you get exactly what you want, you will also see why Jim's clients say he is simply the #1 expert in the world of negotiations.  This quarter Jim is coaching more than 1 billion dollars in negotiations.
What will you learn from this event?
You will learn how to avoid leaving precious money on the table.  You will begin to stop needless and wasteful compromise immediately.  You'll find yourself drinking from a fire hose of knowledge you didn't know existed.  You'll learn how to stop fear and emotional commotion in their tracks.  Fear and emotion will never return to your negotiations.  You'll learn how to build strong lasting agreements at top dollar and avoid the pitfalls that come with conventional weak negotiation tactics.  You will learn how billions of dollars in negotiations are 'coached" by Jim and his team of coaches every year. You'll learn that preparing a fall back position is the worst thing you can do when preparing for a negotiation.  You will learn Jim's secret 6 step process to perfect preparation.  You will learn that if you are a real player, negotiation coaching will bring millions of dollars to you that you would not otherwise ever see.  You will learn what to do in every situation to maximize your return. 
Who should attend?
If you are in business you should attend.  If you have the opportunity to make agreements you should attend.  If you are paid by what you create you should attend. If you are a person who wants to make a million or two a year you should attend.  If you have a family and you want them to have the advantage, you should attend. If you just want the advantage in your daily life, you should attend. 
You have never had an opportunity like this before. A real coach with a real system doing real business worth billions and he is sharing it all with you and coaching you in your negotiations.  Just bring the challenges to Jim.

About our presenter:
Jim Camp is an internationally sought negotiation coach and trainer, and developer of the Coach2100"! technology, a proprietary, patent pending negotiation project management and training system. He is also author of NO: The Only Negotiating System You Need for Work and Home (Crown), the revised and updated version of his previous critically acclaimed business book, Start with No
As president and founder of The Camp Group, a negotiation training and management firm, Camp has coached individuals, companies, and governments worldwide through hundreds of negotiations, including Motorola, Intel, Applied Materials, Honda, Suzuki, KLA-Tencor, Texas Instruments, Merrill Lynch, IBM, and Prudential Insurance. Camp's services are so prized that he has to sign confidentiality agreements with his clients so their adversaries can't discover that Camp, their "secret weapon," is on their team. 
Camp is involved in hundreds of negotiations a year by means of his proprietary technology called Coach2100.com, a fully secure, interactive, virtual environment where Camp-trained coaches evaluate, train, communicate with, and coach clients, and where they manage their negotiations in real time. This technology enables Camp's clients to conduct negotiations anywhere in the world, fully supported by Camp-trained coaches, and achieve the kind of dramatic results that no other negotiator has duplicated. 
Camp is the first to say that his negotiating method requires time and effort to master, but success is often immediate for new students of the system. Readers who wish to learn and practice the "No" system of negotiation introduced in the book can visit StartwithNo.com. There they can have their skills evaluated in the world's only negotiation simulator and receive a recommendation for a training program that's right for them. 
Since founding the Negotiator Coaching Series, Camp has introduced his ideas to thousands of individuals. Each year he holds Negotiation Symposiums in major venues across the United States attended by alumni of leading academic institutions. 
Camp is a dynamic presenter who is comfortable in front of live audiences. He is especially adept at coaching on-the-spot negotiations in his presentations. He leaves audiences with dramatic new insights about negotiation and human nature. Camp has lectured at graduate business schools in the United States and been a featured speaker at Inc. magazine's "Growing the Company" conferences.

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