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Wes Ball


Wes has proven that almost any company can use Alpha learning to become more profitable, more in control of its competitors, and more capable of generating sustainable growth.  He wants to see every American business discover that the revenue side can be managed, not just the cost side of their business.  It's not just "magic;" it's something that can predictably be managed and driven.
Wes will be sharing how Alpha learning can help any company grow no matter what the economic situation, while competitors struggle to figure out what you're doing that they aren't.  He will also share how you can change the way you think about customers, competitors, and retailers or distributors to make others follow your lead.  Most importantly, he will share how any company can create self-sustaining growth that can weather almost any disaster -- financial or otherwise.
 What Attendees Will Learn:
  • How to take control of your product category without discounting, no matter how large or small you are, while creating more customer loyalty.
  • Six rules to follow that will make others follow your lead, giving you control over your and their future.
  • Why price is never the real issue and how you can make sure that it doesn't become one.
  • How you can change customer expectations without necessarily investing in new product innovation, but changing the ground rules in your category to your favor.
  • The real key to understanding the customer's buying decision process.
  • The two things you should always focus on that will all but guarantee success (and they are not what you expect!).
Who Should Attend:
Any manager responsible for creating growth in their company.  That includes the CEO, CFO, CMO, VP Marketing, VP Sales, Product managers, Brand managers, or anyone else who needs to understand how customers and competitors make decisions and how you can take control of that process.

About the speaker:
Wes is the founder and president of The Ball Group, a strategic marketing research firm specializing in New Market Development and Strategic Innovation.  He is also author of The Alpha Factor -- a revolutionary new look at what really creates market dominance and self-sustaining success.
Wes' passion for creating business growth led him to conduct a fifteen-year study he called, The Alpha Factor Project, with over 100,000 interviews and real-world tests of theories developed with more than 75 companies to see if that learning could create dramatic new growth.  The results were little short of miraculous on some of the toughest situations he could find.  For instance, the U.S. Department of the Treasury was able to turn-around a decade-long sales decline of U.S. Savings Bonds, making it one of the fastest-growing financial products in America.  Just a few years earlier, it had been called "The worst financial product in America" in the financial press.  Alpha learning also helped Subway Sandwiches and Salads discover how to more than double per-store sales while cutting discounting.  Alpha learning also created dramatic, sustainable growth for dozens of other companies and products, while reducing dependence upon discounting and promotion.
Even though The Alpha Factor has just been released to retail in late May, it has already been featured in Sales and Marketing Management Magazine and BtoB Magazine along with several broadcast media interviews.  Many of Wes' successes with businesses throughout The Alpha Factor Project were covered in national media over the past decade and a half. 
Wes has worked with hundreds of senior executives in organizations ranging from the Fortune 100 to small business start-ups, identifying growth opportunities that have been missed in the marketplace and helping those organizations to address them.

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